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PRESS RELEASE - Axiom Bank Cardholders Now Have Free and Unlimited ATM Access at 7-Eleven® Locations Throughout the U.S.

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on Oct 30, 2018 6:02:00 AM

ATM participation and marketing relationship with FCTI, Inc. delivers surcharge-free account access for Axiom Bank cardholders at more than 8,000 7-Eleven stores.

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PRESS RELEASE - FCTI, Inc. Completes ATM Installation and On-boarding for 7-Eleven Convenience Stores Nationwide

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on May 15, 2018 2:00:00 AM

Advanced, turnkey ATMs are now online and operational – offering easy account and cash access for consumers at over 7,900 locations throughout the US.

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Are Your ATM Fees Driving Away Your Cardholders?

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on May 8, 2018 6:29:00 AM

Continuing growth in use of smartphones, debit cards, and credit has made “cashless” into a buzz word in western culture. Enthusiasm for this currency-free future is spurred further by hype surrounding digital coins, Sweden’s attempts at eliminating the kronor, and a recent uptick in restaurants in the United States switching to a cash free model. Following this lead, some banks and credit unions are also eyeing a gradual elimination of cash use.

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Benefits of Implementing Surcharge-Free Transactions at Retail ATMs

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on Mar 28, 2018 9:47:00 AM

It’s no secret that banks and credit unions are changing the ways they provide services to their account holders – pushing for less expensive service channels such as web portals, mobile applications, and ATMs. As a result, the number of available bank branches has dropped over forty percent (40%) since 1980, according to a recent study Teller Line Study from FMSI. Now, most U.S. consumers still choose to get their cash from an ATM – often loading up on cash five or more times per month. Financial Industry experts, citing the change to bank retail delivery, predict a focus on increasing ATM availability – resulting in a significant push for banks and credit unions to find ways to offer surcharge-free transactions.

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Surcharge Trends Could Have a Big Effect on Your ATMs

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on Feb 6, 2018 11:45:00 AM

A new industry trend report shows a marked preference among consumers for fee-free ATM access. In fact, seventy-nine percent (79%) of respondents stated surcharge-free (SF) is “very important” or “essential” for their banking needs. Fee-free ATM access was even more important to survey respondents than nearby branches.

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