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Marketing Analytics 102: How to Avoid Overload & Improve Strategy [White Paper]

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on Mar 6, 2019 6:45:00 AM

Fewer than 1/3 of B2B and less than 1/2 of B2C CMOs actually use all of the data marketing analytics has been providing to make critical marketing decisions.

ALL THAT DATA. As in spreadsheets full of numbers and charts. Twitter followers. Facebook likes. Pinterest views. Website visitors. Emails stats. On and on and on... Every application, software, or program we use seems to offer its very own set of in-depth data to add to our arsenal.

marketing-analytics-upright-book-022019It's no wonder we aren't using the data. We're drowning in it.

What to do?

It is time for marketing professionals to take a step back, a deep breath, and take a moment to examine the bigger picture.

Not all data is relevant.

What should you measure? How should you measure it?

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Written by Rebecca Hellmann

Rebecca Hellmann has been researching and writing in the payments technology industry for over six years. Prior to the payments industry, Rebecca developed marketing, branding, and content for businesses such as Bil-Jac, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and Homestead Furniture. She currently works as Director of Marketing for FCTI, Inc.
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