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Infographic: Consumers & ATMs...An Enduring Romance

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on May 1, 2018 6:13:00 AM

ATMs may not be considered exciting but they have certainly become part of the standard fabric of our lives. Whether traveling, budgeting, or simply heading out with friends - most consumers continue to rely on convenient access to cash through a nearby machine.


However, just as demand for a personalized experience has become ever more popular, account holders are increasingly choosy about how and where they interact with the ATM.

Find out how cardholders currently see and use the ATM!

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Topics: ATM users, atm marketing, digital marketing


Written by Rebecca Hellmann

Rebecca Hellmann has been researching and writing in the payments technology industry for over six years. Prior to the payments industry, Rebecca developed marketing, branding, and content for businesses such as Bil-Jac, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and Homestead Furniture. She currently works as Director of Marketing for FCTI, Inc.
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