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PRESS RELEASE - FCTI, Inc. Completes ATM Installation and On-boarding for 7-Eleven Convenience Stores Nationwide

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on May 15, 2018 2:00:00 AM

Advanced, turnkey ATMs are now online and operational – offering easy account and cash access for consumers at over 7,900 locations throughout the US.

7-Elevens Across the United StatesLos Angeles, CA – MAY 15, 2018 – FCTI, Inc. (“FCTI” or the “Company”), a nationwide automated teller machine (ATM) network, has announced the complete installation and on-boarding of advanced, MBA® ATMs at 7,934 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout the United States. The implementation includes surcharge-free access for cardholders with institutions/programs currently part of the CO-OP or MoneyPass networks as well as those who bank with financial institutions participating in FCTI’s MBA ATM program.

The Company was awarded exclusive ATM installation and operations for 7-Eleven stores in the US from July 2017, with implementation kicking off in August. Over the next six months, FCTI associates and partners organized to place new, updated equipment and software throughout the portfolio. Final installation and on-boarding was confirmed the second week of March 2018.

“We are proud to be able to announce the complete on-boarding of ATMs at 7-Eleven stores throughout the US,” said Robel Gugsa, CEO for FCTI, Inc. “Our team has worked hard and put in great effort to ensure a fast and efficient transition nationwide.”

FCTI’s turnkey MBA® ATMs at 7-Eleven provide a host of benefits for store customers including advanced security utilizing a variety of tools such as hard disk encryption in conjunction with access/intrusion protection and other security measures. The systems also offer innovative marketing and advertising opportunities for 7-Eleven to promote foot traffic and in-store sales.

“We are excited about the new FCTI MBA® ATMs and the experience they will provide our customers,” said David Seltzer, VP Financial Planning & Treasurer at 7-Eleven.

To find out more about surcharge-free participation at 7-Eleven and discover more about the advanced security and marketing capabilities provided through MBA® ATMs, visit www.fcti.com.

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FCTI, Inc. is a nationwide ATM solutions provider specializing in advanced ATM placements and operations for financial institutions and retailers. Our patented MBA technology, network partnerships, and leading software developments offer banks, credit unions, and businesses real marketing, distribution, and revenue-generating opportunities through the ATM channel.

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