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Keeping Up with Technology Transformation: Security

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on May 23, 2018 6:57:00 AM

Since the introduction of the personal computer one truth has remained constant – technology is always changing. In fact, technological developments have begun to significantly outgrow many businesses abilities to effectively incorporate and utilize them efficiently and effectively.

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ATM Security: Understanding EMV Liabilities

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on Mar 13, 2018 11:50:00 AM

The transition to EMV chip technology has been an ongoing process for financial institutions, ATM operators, and site owners over the past few years – in a race to meet EMV preparedness prior to final liability shift deadlines. As of October 2017, the final implementation date has passed. However, a good portion of U.S. ATMs remain swipe only. But what are the real risks for ATMs without EMV?

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Free Download: ATM Security In a Fraud-Prone Landscape

Posted by Rebecca Hellmann on Jan 18, 2018 2:26:51 PM

While card fraud and skimming at ATMs remains low, continuing card and customer information compromises at major retailers have created a new focus on payments security for consumers. A recent study from ACI Worldwide reported only 43 percent (43%) of consumers in 20 countries say they trust businesses to properly safeguard their financial data. However, only 24 percent (24%) of U.S. and 30 percent (30%) of UK consumers avoid using ATMs for security reasons.

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